Kickstarter Miniatures

Thank you to all of you who have supported the SketchChair project in return for a Kickstarter Edition Miniature! All of your miniatures are registered on the supporters page, and if you add a picture of your mini to the SketchChair Flickr pool we will link through to these from the supporters page as well. Just let us know!

Assembling the Antler Mini

Please Note: Updated Antler Chair Diagrams

Unfortunately there has been a versioning error with the Antler Chair minis and the assembly diagrams for these are incorrect! The diagrams we sent out are actually intended for the full size Antler Chairs, which are slightly different. In the miniature there are only 11 slices, including the leg slices, and these are numbered from the top to the front. We have updated these diagrams and uploaded them here.
Many thanks to the astute Stephen for pointing this out!

About 10mins of miniature assembly condensed into 2. To avoid little bits of ply fluff where the tabs break off, we recommend cutting through the tabs with a sharp craft knife.

Music is ‘Keep It Together’, by the lovely Wet Wings.

Cleaning the Parts

Whilst the chairs will assemble fine without treating the parts at all, you might like to wipe the cut edges with a dry cloth to remove the residue left by the laser. This will help avoid leaving black marks on the top surfaces of the parts while the mini is assembled and handled.

Finger Joints

One result of laser-cutting is that the edges of the parts will always have a slight ‘draft angle’, ie: they will not be perfectly square. This has an effect on finger joints like those on Twiggy and Rocksteady – these will be easier to fit together if the top surface of the ply (the side that has the SketchChair logo etched into it) faces into the joint, as the teeth will taper slightly in this direction.

The Tote Lounger

It is difficult to ensure a good tight fit across a range of designs, and unfortunately the Tote Loungers we got back from the laser-cutter do not seem to assemble quite as snugly as the other minis. You may want to use a drop of glue at the bottom of each slot to keep your mini tightly together, especially if it is likely to be sitting on a desktop and handled now and then. Super Glue would be ideal for this, or white wood glue or PVA would also work well and is a little more friendly to use.

Other Ideas/Hacks/Mods?

These miniatures are not necessarily finished and finalised as they are! We are yet to experiment on these with varnishes, oils, stains, paint, upholstery, etc… but please feel free to experiment with your mini. If you have any results to show off please submit these to the Flickr pool and let us know!

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