Kickstarter Collection of SketchChair Miniatures

SketchChair Miniatures

To say thankyou to our Kickstarter backers we are offering 1:9 scale laser-cut SketchChair miniatures! We'll send you the parts for your numbered, original, which you can assemble just like the real thing. You can select one miniature for every 25$ you have pledged to the project.

Antler Chair

The Antler Chair is our flagship SketchChair design, already living through several iterations as the SketchChair system evolves.

Edge Chair

With its stiched line in profile, the Edge Chair is made up of simple planes. A sturdy and elegant collection of finger-joints.

Stroke Chair

The Stroke Chair is a quintessential SketchChair, little more than a single stroke.

Twiggy and Rocksteady

A pair of children's chairs showing the more illustrative side of SketchChairs. A playful combination of slats and slices, with an added rocking stool if Rocksteady is on his back.

Tote Lounger

Co-designed with Nadeem Haidary, the Tote Lounger is a simple rocker that provides a home for some stray things, in turn using them for ballast whilst in motion.